"OK, NOT OK" is a silent two-minute video assembled from the manipulation of a two seconds clip from Alfred Hitchcock's 1941 film "Suspicion".

"Cyclops" is an infinite loop that depicts a man driving from the drivers point of view. Only a single eye is visible in the rear view mirror. While the car seems to be driving steadily down an old country highway, the car never actually advances; displaying an unsettling, yet hypnotic state of stasis in motion.

"Motorpsychosis" is a 5 minute silent video montage that distills the Hollywood car chase to its explosive climax. Explosions are fragmented and layered onto ten planes of a decagon creating at intervals both the pentagram and its inversion.

"File on Motor Transgression" is a video archive of movie car chases from the early twentieth century to the present. The project began in 2000 and continues to evolve with new car chases being added regularly.
Mv4-11 is the most recent montage of footage from the archive.